The CleverYak advantage

Discover why it’s more than a video call.

If you video interview candidates regularly, you probably use a product like Skype, Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Whilst these solutions are great for video calling, they’ve not been designed for interviewing. Which is why we built CleverYak - a video interviewing solution that’s much more than just a video call.

In this article you’ll discover why CleverYak isn’t simply another online meeting tool, and how it can help your team save time and make hiring decisions faster.

Is this you?

Here’s the problem. You host so many interviews that by the time you come to writing up your candidate reviews, your memory of each candidate has become a little muddled. You try to read your scribbled notes to remember the key points…

Recording your interviews would help, but you don’t because you’d end up with hours of recordings and no time to watch them. Then there are the GDPR considerations to worry about.

You like to get input from across your team on the candidates you’ve seen, but the only way you can do that is by scheduling more interviews, which extends your time-to-hire and risks you losing candidates to the competition.

We’ve built an interview time machine…

CleverYak solves these problems with advanced call recording that lets you quickly find the precise parts of the interview you need to review, instead of having to watch the whole recording from start to end.

Think of it more like an interview time machine, because it’s not just your recording that’s available after the call. Everything that happens during and after an interview is neatly packaged up and available for you to consult at any time, letting you quickly refresh your memory of an interview or check important facts.

Stored securely in the cloud, recordings can be shared with colleagues, allowing them to review and comment on your interviews.

Notes you can watch

Take private notes in CleverYak during an interview, and they’re available for you after the call whenever you need them. If your call is recorded, your notes are magically linked to the recording, Tap on a note and the recording will play back from the point in the call where you took that note.

Recordings you can search

A text transcript of your call lets you quickly scan through the interview discussion, or search for specific keywords. Click on a search result and the recording will start playing from that precise moment of your interview.

Easy write-ups

Rate and review each candidate’s performance directly in CleverYak using the recording, transcript and your notes for reference. Once submitted, your review is available for other team members to read.

Sharable for more team input

Sometimes you want to get another opinions on a candidate’s interview performance. CleverYak makes it straightforward to share recordings with your team, and these reviewers can leave their own rating and write-ups.

Secure and compliant

All the recordings made under your company’s CleverYak account are securely stored using the Microsoft Azure cloud, and can only be accessed by the people you authorise. Of course, you also have full control over data deletion.

A stress-free interview experience

When it comes to the interview itself, CleverYak has also been designed to help interviewer and candidate get the most from their time together on the call.

Despite the proliferation of video meeting solutions in recent years, joining a call can be stressful, sometimes requiring a download or registration before you can join.

CleverYak works in your browser, allowing calls to be joined without needing to download any software or plug-ins. Candidates just need to enter their name to join on-time and stress-free. A helpful pre-join equipment check ensures your camera, speakers and mic are working.

Simple with no distractions

The CleverYak interview experience is simple to use, with no unnecessary buttons and distractions.

Features you’d expect…

As you’d expect, CleverYak supports screen sharing, messaging and file sharing.

…and some you might not

Taking private notes directly in CleverYak during a call is a convenient way of making sure your notes all stay in one place.

CleverYak calls also include a Whiteboard that allows all participants to collaborate together on a shared drawing space. It’s ideal when it’s easier to draw it than say it.

If you’re interviewing engineers for software developer roles, a shared code editor with syntax highlighting support across commonly-used programming languages lets you watch candidates code live on the call.

Both the code editor and whiteboard allow snapshots to be taken, which can be accessed by the interviewer after the call.

Try CleverYak for yourself

With no downloads, or anything to deploy, you can start using CleverYak in minutes, and our free trial gives you full access to everything for a whole month (you can even invite another colleague to share the trial with you). To start your free trial, simply head to and tap the ‘Try CleverYak for free’ button (no payment card needed).

If you’re not ready for a free trial and would like an online demo, we’d love to jump on a call and show you. You can book a demo

By Theo

Theo started his career as a sound engineer at the BBC, and was a product leader at Skype for 10 years. He is now a Co-Founder of CleverYak, the online interviewing solution for recruiters. Much more than a video calling solution, CleverYak makes it quick and easy for interviewers and candidates to meet online, and offers powerful recording and sharing features that help speed up the hiring process. You can find out more