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Recruiters frequently make use of online interviews, especially for screening candidates ahead of inviting them into the office. Online interviews are easier to arrange when you’re juggling diaries and they give you the opportunity to meet candidates from further afield.

Of course at the time of writing this, many recruiters are being forced to work from home as a result of mesures being put in place to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Many will be looking to continue interviewing, so that open roles can be filled quickly once life starts returning to normal.

If you are thinking of interviewing online, why not try CleverYak? We’re now offering a free preview of our solution atcleveryak.comwhile we get ready for our full launch later in the year. With no sign-ups, downloads or credit card required, you can start interviewing in seconds.

CleverYak makes online interviewing easy and has been built especially for recruiters.

We’ve taken the stress out of joining a call, making it quick and easy with no downloads or registration. Try it yourself oncleveryak.com - just tap the ‘Get my link’ button, and you’ll be ready to interview in under 15 seconds (you’ll need Google Chrome on a PC or MAC, but we’ll be supporting more browsers soon).

During the call, collaboration tools such as screen sharing and a whiteboard help you get more from your time with the candidate. There’s even a live coding tool (for interviewing developers) that lets you code together live on the call, and a file sharing feature (handy if the candidate needs to send over a CV or written assessment).

CleverYak calls can be recorded, and whilst interviewing you can quickly tag the parts you want to review later. Your recording is available after the interview ends as part of the interview summary, and can even be transcribed to make your whole interview searchable.

And of course you can share the interview summary with colleagues, allowing them to review the recording and comment on your candidate’s performance.

If you’re a recruiter looking to interview online, you are welcome to try CleverYak and give us your feedback. We have already been successfully trialling CleverYak with friendly companies over the last few months. The response from them has been extremely positive, giving us the confidence to extend the preview more widely at a time when more and more people are being forced to work away from the office.

The free preview will run up until our full launch later in the year, when we will be introducing additional features including an administration site that will make it easy to set up, manage and share interviews within your company.

You’ll find more information atcleveryak.com, or contact us with any questions: