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Simple video interviews

help you get the most from your time together

Joining an online call can be stressful, so we’ve made it simple and fast. During the call, collaborate using screenshare, whiteboard and more. All with up to 5 participants.

Searchable Call Recordings

help you review candidates faster

You don’t have time to watch interview recordings from start to end. Which is why CleverYak recordings are searchable, letting you quickly find the parts you need. Share with colleagues or clients for their review, and reduce decision-taking time to speed up hiring.

Straightforward and Secure Interview Management

A tool your whole team can share

Quick to deploy, with no equipment or software to install, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Designed for team use, our ‘Interview Manager’ tool makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to set up interviews and access recordings.

For in-house recruiters

Hold first-round interviews on CleverYak and meet candidates sooner.
Searchable interview recordings help you review candidates’ interview performance for faster decisions.
Share recordings with other hiring managers, reducing interview rounds and speeding up time-to-hire.
Fewer, shorter interviews, and easy to review recordings help free up interviewer time.
Scan candidates’ previous interviews before you meet them, so you can focus the conversation and avoid repeating questions, improving candidate experience..
Use interview recordings internally for training and to ensure all your interviewers are consistent, fair and compliant in their approach.

For agencies

Replace phone screening with CleverYak calls and get to know candidates better before you refer them.
Share candidate interview recordings with clients, letting them see the face behind the CV and helping them shortlist your candidates.
Easily searchable, your clients don’t need to watch interview recordings from start to end, saving them time and helping them take decisions faster.
Better targeted referrals and shared candidate interview recordings will make your agency stand out, improving client satisfaction and retention.
Search interview recordings to quickly research a candidate’s experience and suitability for a specific role, or to respond to client queries.
Use interview recordings internally for training new team members, and to ensure your staff align to your agency’s values.