Candidate Interview Guide

About CleverYak

What is CleverYak?

CleverYak is an online video calling solution for recruiters. It’s been designed to be simple to use, with features that help you and the interviewer get the most from your time together.

Why do companies interview online?

In today’s job market, many of the best candidates receive offers within a few weeks of starting their job search. Getting candidates in to the company office for an interview takes time. Online interviews give companies the opportunity to meet candidates quickly.

Will I be interviewed by a real person?

Yes, CleverYak is an online alternative to a face-to-face interview.

Getting Ready for your CleverYak Interview

How do I join a CleverYak interview?

When you receive an invite to your interview, it will include a link which looks something like When you open this link, you’ll be taken straight into your interview.

Is there anything to download or install?

No, CleverYak works in your browser so there is nothing to download or install.

Do I need to register and log in to join my interview?

No, just tap the invite link you’ve received from your recruiter and you’ll be in the call in seconds.

What equipment will I need to use CleverYak?

You’ll need a Windows, Linux or MAC computer with a Chrome browser installed which is version 49 or higher, Firefox (version 29 or higher), or Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher). You’ll also need a camera and mic. And of course you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.

Can I check my computer is set up correctly before my interview?

Yes, simply go to at any time to check your camera, mic and speakers are all working correctly. You will also be given a chance to check your set up is working correctly when joining your interview.

Can I use the interview link before my interview to check it’s working?

Yes of course. Simply tap the interview link and you can do a test-run of joining your interview.

Does CleverYak work on mobile?

We’ll be introducing support for mobile phones in the near future, but for now you’ll need a PC or MAC to join a CleverYak interview.

Interview Recording

Is my interview recorded?

The interviewer may turn on recording for your interview. Recordings allow the interviewer and other people in their company to review your performance, helping them make shortlisting decisions.

By joining the call you give permission for call recording to take place. If the interview is being recorded you’ll see a recording notice at the top of the screen to let you know. If you have any questions or concerns about call recording, or you don’t want recording to take place, let your interviewer know immediately. The interviewer must stop recording the call if you ask them.

How long is my interview recording stored for?

The length of time your interview recording is kept for depends on the company interviewing you. Unless the company deletes it sooner, your interview recording will be kept for 3 months, after which it is permanently deleted.

Who has access to the interview recording?

The recording is stored securely, and can only be accessed by staff in the company you interviewed with who have been authorised to view them. Some companies may privately share a recording externally in order to get additional feedback on your performance.

Can I have access to the interview recording?

As the candidate, you can request access to the interview recording from the company that interviewed you. If the recording is still available and has not been deleted, the company can ask CleverYak to provide you with access to view the recording.

Can I ask for the interview recording to be deleted?

Yes, you can make a request to the interviewer to ask for the recording to be deleted. Depending on how long the recruiter keeps their recordings for, it is possible that the interview recording will already have been deleted by the time you make the request.


Why do I see an “Unsupported Browser” message when trying to join an interview?

CleverYak currently works in Chrome browsers (version 49 or higher), Firefox (version 29 or higher) and Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher) on Windows and MAC computers. If you try using another browser you will see an “Unsupported Browser” message and will need to install a supported browser before continuing. We’ll be adding support for other browsers in the near future.

Why do I see "That’s not a valid interview link” when trying to join an interview?

This means that the link you’ve been given has isn’t correct, or has expired. You should contact the person who set up the interview and ask them to set up a new interview link.

Why do I see “The Interview has ended” when trying to join an interview?

This means that the interview associated with the link you are using has already been used. Contact the person who set up the interview and ask them to set up a new interview link.

Can I check my camera and mic setup before joining a call?

Yes, all joiners are directed through a welcome screen which allows them to check their camera, mic and speakers are working correctly.

Why do I see ‘Allow access to your camera and mic’ when I try joining a call?

You’ll need to give your browser permission to use your camera and mic when joining a call. Normally CleverYak will ask for this the first time you join a call, but you may need to configure it manually. Go to the page where you saw the message and tap on the padlock icon on the left of the URL entry bar. Set the Camera and Mic options to ‘Allow’. Close the settings window and continue to join your call.

Why do I see ‘Screensharing could not be started due to lack of system permissions’ when I try to screenshare during a call?

In order to capture and share your screen while on a CleverYak call, you may have to grant your browser access to the Screen Recording permission. Without this permission, screensharing will not be possible on certain operating systems, such as MacOS Catalina.

I see ‘We were not able to access your camera’ message when trying to join the interview

There are a few reasons why your camera cannot be accessed. Most commonly, it's because the camera is already being used in another application. Closing down all other applications that might be using your camera may fix the problem. If not, visit and search for 'camera not working' for articles that will help you troubleshoot your camera.

Security, Privacy and Cookies

How can I find out more about CleverYak’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies?

You can use these links to access our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What Cookies do you use?

We have kept our Cookie use to a minimum. We use a small number of ‘necessary’ cookies which help make our website and interview services run smoothly. In addition when a user first visits or joins an interview we ask their permission to use additional cookies that help us research user experience. You can find more information about our use of Cookies in our Cookie Policy.

More questions?

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions we've not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.