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About CleverYak

What is CleverYak?

CleverYak has been designed especially for recruiters. It helps you interview effortlessly online and meet the strongest candidates before your competitors.

Why interview online?

In today’s job market, many of the best candidates receive offers within two weeks of starting their job search. Getting candidates onsite for an interview takes time. Valuable time which your company doesn’t have if you don’t want to risk losing out on meeting the best candidates.

Who is CleverYak for?

If you are hiring into your company or working in education admissions, CleverYak offers an easy to use solution for interviewing your candidates online. CleverYak is also ideal for research interviews, such as online academic research or qualitative research.

Are CleverYak interviews live?

Yes, CleverYak is an online alternative to meeting candidates in a face-to-face live interview.

Why should I use CleverYak rather than solutions like Skype or Zoom?

CleverYak is much more than a video calling solution and has been built especially for recruiters. Calls are easy to set up and join with no downloads or installs, and no need to exchange usernames. When you record your interviews, we help you quickly review candidate performance by making your interviews searchable so you can re-watch the important parts without having to play back the recording from start to end. Recordings can also be shared, allowing colleagues to review your candidates. Find out more about everything CleverYak can do in our Features section.

How much does CleverYak cost?

You can start using CleverYak today with a free trial. This gives you full access to the product for one month, so you can try it for yourself.

Getting Started with CleverYak

Is there anything to download or install?

No, CleverYak works in your browser so there is nothing to download or install.

What equipment will I need to use CleverYak?

You’ll need a Windows, Linux or MAC computer with a Chrome browser installed which is version 49 or higher, Firefox (version 29 or higher), or Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher). You’ll also need a camera and mic. And of course you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.

Does CleverYak work on mobile?

We’ll be introducing support for mobile phones in the near future, but for now you’ll need a PC or MAC to join a CleverYak interview.

Do I need to register to use CleverYak?

Candidates don’t need an account to join an interview. You will need an account however to set up and host interviews, as well as to access and share past interview recordings.

To sign up, and get a free trial visit

Can I set up CleverYak so that my team can use it too?

Yes, CleverYak has been designed for team use.

Invite others to join your organisation by signing in to CleverYak, selecting ‘Organisation’ and then ‘Invite User’. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll be part of your organisation and can set up interviews, host interviews and access interview recordings.

How do I set up an interview?

Sign in to your CleverYak account at

Before you can start arranging interviews, you’ll need to set up the job positions you are interviewing for. Navigate to the ‘Jobs and Interview’ menu and select the ‘New Job’ option. Once you’ve set up a job, select ‘New Interview’ to arrange your first interview for that job position.

When you arrange an interview, you can select the interviewer(s) from the list of people in your CleverYak organisation. If you need to include a new interviewer who isn’t yet shown on the list, you’ll need to invite them to your organisation first by navigating to the ‘Organisation’ and selecting the ‘Invite User’ option.

Once an interview has been created, you’ll see that a unique interview link has been generated for that interview. You can copy the link and share it with all the attendees.

Do candidates need to register to join a CleverYak interview?

No, candidates can join quickly and simply using just the interview link without needing to register for a CleverYak account.

Do interviewers need to sign in to join an interview?

Yes, interviewers must be part of your CleverYak organisation in order to join interviews which have been set up in your CleverYak account. You can invite new interviewers to be part of your organisation by navigating to the ‘Organisation’ menu and selecting ‘Invite User’.

The maximum number of interviewers you can invite to share your CleverYak Subscription depends on which tier you are subscribed to.

How long are interview recordings kept for?

After each interview ends, interviewers can access the interview recording (if available) plus any other content created during the interview (interviewer notes, shared files, whiteboard snapshots, code snippets and instant messages).

In all tiers, interview recordings and associated content can be accessed and shared for 3 months. On expiry, interview content is permanently deleted and is no longer available. If you need to store recordings for longer, please contact us.

How can I get back to the interview recording and summary?

After the interview, the recording summary can be viewed by signing in to your CleverYak account.

Can I share the interview recording?

You can share the interview recording with other team members in your CleverYak organisation. Sign in to CleverYak, select the ‘Jobs & Interviews’ menu option and navigate to the interview you want to share. Selecting the ‘…’ option and then ‘VIEW’ lets you copy a link to the interview.

If you want to share the interview with somebody who isn’t part of your CleverYak organisation, you can enable external sharing for individual interviews. This makes an interview recording accessible by anyone you share the interview link with.

Can the candidate see the interview summary?

No, when the candidate leaves the interview they are asked to provide feedback on their experience using CleverYak, but they cannot access the interview summary.


Why do I see an “Unsupported Browser” message when trying to join an interview?

CleverYak currently works in Chrome browsers (version 49 or higher), Firefox (version 29 or higher) and Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher) on Windows and MAC computers. If you try using another browser you will see an “Unsupported Browser” message and will need to install a supported browser before continuing. We’ll be adding support for other browsers in the near future.

Why do I see "That’s not a valid interview link” when trying to join an interview?

This means that the link you’ve been given has isn’t correct, or has expired. You should contact the person who set up the interview and ask them to set up a new interview link.

Why do I see “The Interview has ended” when trying to join an interview?

This means that the interview associated with the link you are using has already been used. Contact the person who set up the interview and ask them to set up a new interview link.

Can I check my camera and mic setup before joining a call?

Yes, all joiners are directed through a welcome screen which allows them to check their camera, mic and speakers are working correctly.

Why do I see ‘Allow access to your camera and mic’ when I try joining a call?

You’ll need to give your browser permission to use your camera and mic when joining a call. Normally CleverYak will ask for this the first time you join a call, but you may need to configure it manually. Go to the page where you saw the message and tap on the padlock icon on the left of the URL entry bar. Set the Camera and Mic options to ‘Allow’. Close the settings window and continue to join your call.

Why do I see ‘Screensharing could not be started due to lack of system permissions’ when I try to screenshare during a call?

In order to capture and share your screen while on a CleverYak call, you may have to grant your browser access to the Screen Recording permission. Without this permission, screensharing will not be possible on certain operating systems, such as MacOS Catalina.

I see ‘We were not able to access your camera’ message when trying to join the interview

There are a few reasons why your camera cannot be accessed. Most commonly, it's because the camera is already being used in another application. Closing down all other applications that might be using your camera may fix the problem. If not, visit and search for 'camera not working' for articles that will help you troubleshoot your camera.

Security, Privacy and Cookies

Is CleverYak secure?

We’ve designed CleverYak to be as secure as possible. Audio and Video communication between participants is sent through peer-to-peer connections, meaning audio and video streams are encrypted, sent directly between participants and do not pass through any of our servers. In cases where a user is behind a strict firewall or NAT, video and audio need to be relayed via a TURN server, but end-to-end encryption is still maintained. All other content (recording data, chat messages, whiteboard data, code editor data) is processed by our servers and encrypted in transit with TLS. This data is encrypted at rest on our servers. All of our infrastructure is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and adheres to strict security measures, preventing any eavesdropping or interruption of the content.

What data is collected during an interview?

During an interview participants may generate content by sharing files, messages and participate in using the whiteboard and coding canvas. The interview may also be recorded at the request of the interviewer. All of this data, together with the display name the user entered when joining the call is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Who has access to my interview data?

Interview recordings and associated data can only be accessed by users with CleverYak accounts in the organisation in which the interview was set up.

Candidates do not have access to any interview data after the interview has ended.

If you have enabled external sharing for specific recordings, these can be accessed by anyone with whom you have shared the interview recording link.

How long is interview data kept for?

All interview recordings and associated content are kept for 3 months. If you need to store recordings for longer, please contact us.

What happens if the candidate wants to access the recording or ask for its export or deletion?

The candidate should contact the interviewer to request access to the interview summary, or to request its export or deletion. The interviewer should verify the candidate’s identity before sharing or deleting the data.

How can I find out more about CleverYak’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies?

You can use these links to access our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What Cookies do you use?

We have kept our Cookie use to a minimum. We use a small number of ‘necessary’ cookies which help make our website and interview services run smoothly. In addition when a user first visits or joins an interview we ask their permission to use additional cookies that help us research user experience. You can find more information about our use of Cookies in our Cookie Policy.

More questions?

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions we've not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.