Searchable Call Recordings

Record your calls, and what happens after the interview is where CleverYak really shines. A summary of everything that took place during the call allows you to quickly review candidate performance, and share it with colleagues for their comment.

High Quality Call Recording

CleverYak gives you the control to record the entire interview, or to stop and start recording throughout the call.

Interviewer Notes and Tags

Notes and tags you added during the interview are shown in the recording summary. You can tap on a note or tag to jump straight to that part of the recording.

Candidate reviews

Write a review using the interview recording and your notes to help you. Invite colleagues to leave their reviews, and view everything in one place.

Searchable Transcript

A transcript of your recording allows you to search the interview for the precise parts you need to replay.*

Activity Navigation

To make navigating your recording easier, the summary shows when each activity (like screen sharing or whiteboard) started and ended.

Sharable securely

The entire recording summary can be securely shared with anyone in your company, enabling them to review the candidate’s performance. You can also share the summary outside of your organisation, such as with an external consultant or client.

Shared Files

Files shared during the interview using the ‘File Sharing’ feature remain available to view and download from the interview summary.

Screenshare Recording

If recording is turned on when somebody shares their screen, CleverYak records this so you can view the screen share content in the recording summary.

Whiteboard and Code Editor Snapshots

Whilst using the Whiteboard or Code Editor, you can take ‘snapshots’ of the screen which are saved and can be viewed in the recording summary.

*Recording transcription is currently available in the following languages: English, French, German, Arabic (Egypt), Chinese Simplified, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish