Simple video interviews

CleverYak lets you meet confidently online. Designed to be simple from start to finish, yet full of features that help you interview effectively when you can’t be together.

Easy to join calls

Joining a CleverYak interview takes seconds, with no download or registration needed. Your candidates will arrive for interview on time and stress-free.

Up to 5 participants

Support for up to 5 participants gives you the flexibility to invite multiple interviewers (or candidates) to your calls.

Call Recording with interviewer tags

CleverYak calls can be recorded, and during the interview you can quickly add ‘tags’ to mark parts of the interview you want to replay later.

Interviewer Notes

No more scribbled notes you can't read! CleverYak lets you take notes during the call, which you can access after the call has ended. If your call has been recorded, you can tap on a note to jump straight to that part of the recording.


Whether your candidate is presenting their portfolio or you want to present your company, anyone on a call can share their screen simply and reliably.

Live Coding Collaboration

For technical coding interviews, CleverYak includes a code editor with syntax highlighting that allows you to watch your candidates code live on the call.


When it’s easier to draw than describe, the whiteboard lets everyone on the call contribute to a shared drawing space.

File Sharing

Share documents on the call. It’s handy if your candidate needs to send over a CV or a completed assessment.


A simple messaging feature allows quick messages to be shared during the call. Useful for exchanging address details, web site information and more.

Pre-Call Check

A quick setup check before joining ensures everyone’s camera, mic and speakers are working, avoiding delays at the start of the call.


CleverYak’s lobby feature lets you see when the candidate is waiting to join, and control when the interview gets started.